Kamini Kares

Empowerment through education

The inception of Kamini Kares was by its visionary leader, Padmashri Dr Kamini A Rao, backed by a young and versatile digital marketing team led by Pooja Sidharth Rao. We are an organization that is determined to improve, enhance and enlighten the lives of the girl child and women in our country. Our primary focus is to identify capabilities and help women achieve and explore their dreams. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that all women have the ability to control their lives and destinies, and have access to adequate food, education, and health care.

Dr. Kamini A Rao

Founder President

Dr. Kamini A Rao, a recipient of the Padma Shri is one of the country’s most established names in the field of Assisted Reproduction and High Risk Obstetrics. She has a distinguished clinical and research career in reproductive medicine where her creative energy, diversity and versatility are well recognized by the country’s entire medical and research community. Inspirational; enigmatic and a blessing to aspiring parents, the pioneering role that Dr. Kamini A Rao has played in the field of Assisted Reproduction has resulted from vast research and credible achievement through dedicated service, bringing infinite joy to all infertile couples. Her wall of fame consists of many trophies of goodwill for active contributions towards societal welfare. She is perfection, precision and every couple’s final hope!

Dr. A S Arvind


One of the most established names in the field of medicine, biotechnology and healthcare management, Dr. A S Arvind completed his MD from Bangalore Medical College and FRCP from London and Glasgow UK. He led by example and became a true inspiration to young minds, when he took on the mantle and became the youngest Medical Director of Mallya Hospital in the beginning of his career. He later served as Chief Operating Officer of Clinigene International Limited, a subsidiary of Biocon Ltd. He was instrumental in Planning, initiating and conducting clinical studies, clinical trials, Biomarker identification studies and Drug development, Regulatory compliance. In this long encompassing journey, he has conquered many milestones in the field of medical research and healthcare management.

Our goals

  • To provide equal opportunity for educating women and men
  • To create effective learning opportunities by enabling vocational training for women
  • To ensure access to appropriate healthcare facilities for women

Our mission

  • Our prime focus will always be to empower women through quality education
  • To make education a mandatory part of rural areas as well
  • Taking into consideration the need for hygienic living in these rural areas, we plan to set up toilets for both men and women in as many villages as possible